Saturday, February 11, 2012

Web Resources

The website I have been a faithful follower of is the Children's Defense Fund. There are great outside links--links to inspirational videos, links to different news sites (for example: zero tolerance for children in Massachusetts) and inspirational articles. A few weeks ago I linked a great article from this website!

One thing I'm following closely on the website is the Budget Watch. I'm so interested in budgets (or lack there of). I'm nervous to see what kind of cut I may receive next year and so I try to stay on top of the ever changing budgets. Check it out!

The newsletter is interesting, but not as interesting as the website. There are a few topics that I found interesting especially

This website is full of equity and excellence information. If you haven't viewed this website I highly recommend it. There is a "Cradle to Prison Pipeline Campaign" link and a "Black Community Crusade for Children" link (to name a few).

Children's Defense Fund. (2012). Budget watch. Retrieved February 11, 2012 from

National Opportunity to Learn. (N.D.). 2020 vision roadmap: A Pre-K through post secondary blueprint for educational success. Retrieved February 11, 2012 from


Erica McDonald said...

Dear Rebekah,

I enjoyed reading you blog post. I'm sorry that your job is going through a budget cut. I pray that it doesn't affect you, but if so, God will see you through it all. Thanks for the recommendation to the website, I will check it out.

tmoruri said...


The Children's Defense Fund has also been one of my favorite resources. I have been on it constantly exploring and reading the Child Watch Column by Marian Wright Edelman.

Christine said...

Thanks for the link to the budget watch section of the website. I am definetly going to add that to my favorites. I am going to need to keep out with this issue if I ever get to open my child development center.

n harris said...

I am not familiar with this website but after reading your post, I will look it sounds very interesting...I am curious to find out what the "Black Community Crusade for Children" link entails.


Cathy Hammett said...

Thank you for sharing the link to the Vision road map article. I didn't realize that the President had initiated four core goals and that one of them is universal early childhood education. I wonder what he has proposed in his 2013 budget plans to address this core element.