Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reflections of Research

I must admit, this course was very difficult for me. I was apprehensive of taking this particular course because I knew I would struggle and I was correct. I have struggled to produce work that is of highest quality. I hope my work does reflect that I have learned and have comprehended information, but I know that I still have a lot of growing in the topic of research. I'm now going to answer a few questions regarding this course and what I have learned!

1. What insights have you gained about research from taking this course?
I have gained many insights from this course. I have learned the vocabulary that makes up research, I have learned that research is more then data checking and I have learned that writing a research paper is quite hard. I have learned the difference between quantitative data and qualitative data, I have learned how to write a hypothesis
2. In what ways have your ideas about the nature of doing research changed?
My ideas of the nature of research have changed dramatically. Before the course I assumed you look up a few facts, participate in interviews and observations and then conclude your information in paper format. This is not entirely true. Sure you conduct observations and interviews, but you must remember to leave bias out of your report. You must treat all research with justice and fairness. You must be ethical in your research and understand the ethical issues you can come across.
3. What lessons about planning, designing and conducting research in early childhood did you learn?
This course has taught me so much about conducting research. I know that you cannot pick a topic that interests you and write a research paper. So much goes in to the topic. Who are the participants? Where will you conduct the research? Will you use professionals to help you with this research? What is your timeline? What is your hypothesis? Research is so in-depth and this course has opened my eyes to how detailed one must be to conduct research. I admit I admire anyone who conducts research on an ongoing and professional basis.
4. What were some of the challenges you encountered--and in what ways did you meet them?
My biggest challenge was my lack of details. I thought I was being detailed enough in my responses, papers and homework assignments, but I was leaving important information out. I need to remind myself that detail is key--especially in research!
5. What are some of the ways your perception of an early childhood professional have been modified as a result of this course? 
Early childhood professionals are more than "baby-sitters" or family advocates. Early childhood professionals have large roles in which they must conduct research, teach young children, advocate for families and still remain ethical, fair and just. Early childhood educators are very hard working and I wish everyone was aware of how difficult the job is!!!

As hard as this course was, I have enjoyed this course and I have learned a great deal. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and helped me to improve my research skills. A special thanks to Dr. Davis for providing constant feedback!!!

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