Favorite Resources

The following are some newly discovered (and some old favorites) early childhood resources that I have really enjoyed. If you know of any that I may enjoy, please add a link when you comment.

New Resources
National Association for the Education of Young Children

Association for Childhood Education  International
http://acei.org/about/ (just discovered this website--I love it!)

Where we Stand on Responding to Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

Where we Stand on School Readiness

Where we stand on Child Abuse Prevention

Old Favorites
Reading is Fundamental
This is an awesome website dedicated to literacy. I'm such an advocate of literacy and they have great information for parents and educators. Check out the activities!

Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center
I look at this website almost daily. It's a very informative website!

DECAL--Bright From the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning
This website explains Georgia's Pre-K program. The program I work for is a blended Head Start and Pre-K program so this is a very resourceful website.


Erica McDonald said...

Dear Rebekah,

NAEYC is one of my favorite resources. My school is trying to get NAEYC accredited this year and it is a lot of work but it will improve our program so much. Great resources!

tmoruri said...

I checked out ECLKC, great resource. I didn't know about this one. One of my favorite magazines is Early Childhood Today (Scholastic). You can find it on scholastic.com or link from my blog. It's informative and decently priced.

Clara LaPorte said...

Reading is Fundamental seems to have endless resources for implementing literacy at any age. Thanks for posting this!

keisha pittman said...

To me this lesson seemed tricky. Yes it was extremely beneficial but also confusing. Mainly because everything can be used as a source. Which is where the beneficial part came in. And the NAEYC has become my favorite resource.

I'm where God put me said...

Hi Rebekah. I also love the ECLKC website. It has all the information I need to do my job effectively. Working in Early Head Start, I check it often and could stay on it all day. The whole site pertains to what I do, so it's important that I cover everything on this site.