Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sadly, No International Contacts

This course is coming to an end and not one of my international contacts replied to my emails (my sister doesn't count). I am discouraged because I really wanted to push myself in my Master's program. I feel as if this assignment was a failure--maybe I should have tried harder. Oh well--I can't live in the past--that does no good for anyone--especially me :). Instead  I looked on this website  ( ) and found interesting topics I would like to share with you. Enjoy!

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Michele Fortier said...

The ability to attend school is something I think we take for granted in the US. For so many around the world attending school is a challenge due to location,cost and gender. Thank you for reminding us all.

Christine said...

I sent a bunch of emails, too, but I have to say that I probably woulnd't have time to answer them if I were on the receiving end. It's sad to say, but I guess they are just as busy as we are. Sometimes I wonder if I am going to make it through this program.

Thanks for your comments on the website. I have to wonder if it's a bad thing that some languages disappear. The world is becoming a global society and less languages would mean less language barriers. Just a thought.

Cari B said...

I did not know that about the literacy levels. How sad! I too take it for granted. Thank you for a little perspective! Keep up the good work, almost done (with this class)!

Cathy Hammett said...

I wouldn't say that your inability to contact foreign educators classifies your attempt as a failure. I believe that we have all grown professionally through this course. Just evaluating the various resources you have read this week has expanded your knowledge with regards to foreign languages and literacy.