Saturday, February 25, 2012

International Contacts--Final Post

This is my last post for this course and I have to list consequences of the international early childhood field. Unfortunately, I did not get to correspond with any international contacts. Instead I focused on websites and radio conversations.

1st Consequence: Some young children are not allowed to earn an education. Could you imagine telling your daughter (who loves to learn) that she is not allowed in school?!?! My daughter loves school and I would be heartbroken.

2nd Consequence: Because of the lack of education many adults are not literate. We have to make sure all children are educated!!!

3rd Consequence: Many young children are affected by HIV/AIDS. This is internationally and in the United States. I'm sure dealing with this type of disease could have negative affects on a child's education.

As I've said before, I'm disappointed I didn't get to communicate with others but I still learned a lot this semester. Thanks to all my followers for providing insight, asking great questions and reading my blog!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sadly, No International Contacts

This course is coming to an end and not one of my international contacts replied to my emails (my sister doesn't count). I am discouraged because I really wanted to push myself in my Master's program. I feel as if this assignment was a failure--maybe I should have tried harder. Oh well--I can't live in the past--that does no good for anyone--especially me :). Instead  I looked on this website  ( ) and found interesting topics I would like to share with you. Enjoy!

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO] (2011). Early childhood care and education. Retrieved February 18, 2012 from

UNESCO (2011). Literacy. Retrieved February 18, 2012 from

UNESCO (2011). Endangered languages. Retrieved February 18, 2012 from

UNESCO (2011). Inclusive education. Retrieved February 18, 2012 from

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Web Resources

The website I have been a faithful follower of is the Children's Defense Fund. There are great outside links--links to inspirational videos, links to different news sites (for example: zero tolerance for children in Massachusetts) and inspirational articles. A few weeks ago I linked a great article from this website!

One thing I'm following closely on the website is the Budget Watch. I'm so interested in budgets (or lack there of). I'm nervous to see what kind of cut I may receive next year and so I try to stay on top of the ever changing budgets. Check it out!

The newsletter is interesting, but not as interesting as the website. There are a few topics that I found interesting especially

This website is full of equity and excellence information. If you haven't viewed this website I highly recommend it. There is a "Cradle to Prison Pipeline Campaign" link and a "Black Community Crusade for Children" link (to name a few).

Children's Defense Fund. (2012). Budget watch. Retrieved February 11, 2012 from

National Opportunity to Learn. (N.D.). 2020 vision roadmap: A Pre-K through post secondary blueprint for educational success. Retrieved February 11, 2012 from

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sadly, I haven't got one response from outside resources. I was keeping my fingers crossed, but no one replied. Maybe they are too busy taking care of young children! Instead I discovered new things that I thought were very informative from the website (

Some of their missions/initiatives are:
Early Childhood Policies and Procedures
Focusing on children's mental health--especially the mental health of children affected by HIV/AIDS
Providing more research globally.

This website has a lot of great resources and articles. Please check it out!!!