Relationship Reflection

I have many special relationships in my life. My husband and daughter are very important to me and have pushed me to further my education. My daughter is my favorite age, 4, and she reminds me everyday why I am in the profession of early childhood education. Watching her grow and learn is so inspiring. She's like a little sponge!
Carson and her Daddy fishing.
My sister is very important to me. She is an early childhood educator working in Spain! She wanted to teach in Spain and she followed her dreams. I e-mail her (occasionally call) constantly for advice on early childhood education. She is my support and keeps me motivated. Maintaining constant contact is difficult. I miss her everyday, but know that she is happy and that is inspiring.
My sister and I (she's the pretty one with the ivory dress).
My parents are also the reason I am pursuing my dreams. They always believed in me and pushed me when I wanted to give up. When my mom picks my daughter up from school, she says it brings tears to her eyes to see me at work. My passion shows and she is proud of her oldest! 
My parents, siblings and daughter at my baby brother's wedding.
I have many, many more relationships that inspire me to be the best me. My co-workers, my extended family, my grandparents....the list could continue. My profession and pursuit of higher education is due to my family and friends. They are my inspiration and without them I would not be the success I am today.