Saturday, February 25, 2012

International Contacts--Final Post

This is my last post for this course and I have to list consequences of the international early childhood field. Unfortunately, I did not get to correspond with any international contacts. Instead I focused on websites and radio conversations.

1st Consequence: Some young children are not allowed to earn an education. Could you imagine telling your daughter (who loves to learn) that she is not allowed in school?!?! My daughter loves school and I would be heartbroken.

2nd Consequence: Because of the lack of education many adults are not literate. We have to make sure all children are educated!!!

3rd Consequence: Many young children are affected by HIV/AIDS. This is internationally and in the United States. I'm sure dealing with this type of disease could have negative affects on a child's education.

As I've said before, I'm disappointed I didn't get to communicate with others but I still learned a lot this semester. Thanks to all my followers for providing insight, asking great questions and reading my blog!!!


tmoruri said...


I too learned a great deal from this course related to the EC issues; I was only 1/2 successful with the contacts part of the assignment there were so many great resources that it was impossible to walk away with nothing! I really enjoyed your blog and wish you success in the next course.

Erica McDonald said...

Dear Rebekah,

I am sorry that you didn't get a chance to establish international contact. At least you gain some knowledge from your websites and radio conversations. It seems that you have learned a lot from those resources from what I can see. Good luck in your endeavors!!!!!!!!!!