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As a young child I was nurtured, loved and cared for by many close relatives. One person who really influenced my decision to journey into early childhood education is my grandfather. He is a very kind man who treats everyone equally. He taught me that everyone deserves a life that we were lucky enough to have. He is still a positive influence in my life and I know my life will be lonely when he is gone.

Other people who nurtured and supported me as a young child are:
My Mom: She loves me no matter what and is my biggest cheer leader.
My Dad: He supports all my decisions and is incredibly nurturing.
My Aunt: She was a fantastic early childhood educator and taught me patience.
A Family Friend (who is also a teacher): She encouraged me and never doubted my intelligence--even when I did. She currently works with me and she is a fantastic mentor. She was like a second mother growing up and now we work together--isn't life funny!

These five people have influenced my life greatly. They are the reasons that I am in my profession, why I am continuing my education and why I have a passion for early childhood education. Without them I do not know where I would be.

My Grandfather
My Parents

My Aunt

Family Friend

These five people are still a big influence in my life. I hope my daughter can experience a great childhood like I did and I hope she can find five people in her life that are as influential as these five have been/ continue to be for me!



You have a very nice family. I am sure that your daughter will write your name at the top of the list of the people who have the best influence in her life.

You are very lucky to have a mentor in your life. We always need people to guide us. Sometimes we cannot decide what is best for us, but with the light they throw on our way we can see the best for us clearly.

Clara LaPorte said...


It is great that your grandfather treats everyone equally. That wasn't something that the older generations found easy to do with the way they were raised.
I have an uncle who passed away last night who had a mental handicap but was the most caring and loving man you could ever meet! It will be different at holidays without him as he was such compassionate guy. I can relate to how you will feel lonely when your grandfather leaves this world. It's not an easy thing, but remember to cherish all the memories you have with him and he will never be forgotten.