Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sharing Web Resources

I decided to subscribe to the Children's Defense Fund newsletter. I had not heard of this website and once I logged on, I found it to be very interesting and useful for my job.                                                                   Here is a link to the website think you will enjoy all the information/resources this website offers!

The January newsletter is not online, so I read over the December newsletter. This newsletter featured a link to the CDF's YouTube channel!!! If you are like me (or my 4 year old daughter), YouTube is viewed quite frequently. The YouTube videos that are featured are inspirational testimonies.I think hearing inspirational stories from others will remind you why you have chosen this career path. I know I am reassured that I am doing what I was meant to do!!!
 Here is the CDF's YouTube link:

I think you will enjoy!!!

Children's Defense Fund (2011). Monthly newsletter. Retrieved January 14, 2012, from


Melanie Carridine said...

I am glad that you like the resource link that you chose. I chose Educational World Weekly as my resource. This web-site has a lot of valuable up-to date information on the current issues and trends.

Janille said...


It worked out well that you can not only use this resource for your education but for your career as well. Please post how the information from the Children's Defense Fund was used in your career! I look forward to hearing about your experience!!!


Christine said...

What a great site. I have actually never checked out. There seems to be a lot of useful information on it. It is now on my favorites bar! Thanks.

Cari B said...

We both chose the same one! You are right, the YouTube videos are awesome! I guess I think a video that inspires me to action is a good one. Maybe one that inspires a few tears as well :)

Myra said...

Thanks for sharing the messaage about the Childrens Defense Fund. I have not heard of it either, I looked at the cite but after I saw a cite for Head Start this is where I took interest. I will be looking to be view their current issues and trends though you.

Cathy Hammett said...

I will be viewing the testimonies on YouTube as soon as I post this comment. I love the videos that are shared there. Thank you for sharing this resource. Do you have a particular video that you would suggest?

tmoruri said...

Great resource, I actually popped over to check out some of the videos just before posting this. Thanks for sharing.