Saturday, January 7, 2012

Establishing Professional Contacts and Expanding Resources

Establishing Professional Contacts
I was thrilled with this assignment. What a great experience to talk to other professionals around the world! I sent my e-mails, hoping for a response.  I decided to send my first e-mail to Germany. When I was 15 years old I visited Germany. My aunt speaks some German and lived in Germany teaching elementary school. My second e-mail went to my sister in Spain. I'm not sure this interaction is allowable, but she teaches English in Madrid, Spain. Her name is Meredith and she received her Bachelor's degree in Spanish. She then went on to receive her Master's degree in Education. I felt she qualified as a professional so I e-mailed her! So far Germany has not responded. If I don't hear something soon, I will participate in the alternative assignment.
Meredith with my daughter
Expanding Resources
For the second part of my assignment, I decided to select a website I was unfamiliar with. I had promised myself that I would leave my comfort zone and explore new websites and new information. I was drawn to  The Children's Defense Fund website. I loved their mission statement and have registered to receive monthly newsletters.  Hopefully, I will gain new information to share with my followers. Wish me luck!!!!

The Children's Defense Fund. (2011). CDF Mission Statement. Retrieved on January 7, 2012, from


Michele Fortier said...


I home you get your response from Germany and maybe your sister can connect you to another teacher in Spain. I look forward to reading your posts about the Children's Defense Fund, it was one of my top choices.
Good luck.

Love the school age picture.

Cari B said...


Isn't this assignment interesting? I hope we all get good contacts because I don't think any of us want to give up :) Looking forward to hearing about your progress! I'll keep you posted on mine too. Thanks.