Friday, January 20, 2012

Alternative Assignment

Sadly, none of my e-mails were answered. Of course my sister answered her e-mail, but she is one individual. I had to participate in the alternative assignment. I will continue to try to find someone to correspond with because I feel that is more personal and something I'm interested in.

I listened to a podcast presented by T.J. Skalski who is Principal at the Mother Earth's Children's Charter School in Canada. I found her to be soft spoken and enjoyed listening to her describe what led her to this calling. Her school website is very interesting and I have e-mailed her in hopes of correspondence. I don't know much about Charter schools, but found the description of the school most inspiring. The school serves children who "suffer from some sort of adversity". I will link the school's website and I believe you will find the information as interesting as I---

Mother Earth's Children's Charter School. (2012). Philosophy. Retrieved on January 20, 2012, from

World Forum Radio. (2011). Episode 7 T.J. Skalski. Retrieved January 20, 2012, from


TF said...

Hi Rebekah...I think the majority of our class is having difficulty establishing a professional contact including myself. However, I have gained more resources in the form of linksto websites that I can add to my blog page. Good luck!

n harris said...

Hi Rebekah,

I share your frustrations because I am having a difficult time getting responses and establishing professional relationships with other educators from abroad...but I will keep trying and I am sure you will do the same.


tmoruri said...

Rebekah, it is a slow moving process. I finally got a response from my second round of emails! It is great thought that you do have one reliable source in your sister.