Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Personal Side of Bias, Prejudice and Oppression

This week, we are asked to discuss personal biases that have happened to us personally or we have witnessed. This is not something I personally witnessed, but heard about from a friend of mine. My friend is African American and took her car to get serviced at a local repair shop. The repairman (Caucasian) was in a foul mood and my friend asked how long she would be without a car. His response... "you people get on my nerves". She said it took all she had not to slap him in the face. She said to him "excuse me" and he only mumbled something under his voice. She felt betrayed and hurt. She has never returned to this dealer and still feels very hurt by his actions.

This incident diminished equity because he decided that he was superior to my friend. Did he feel this way because of his race?

When my friend shared this story with me, I felt so hurt for her. How could he make such a harsh comment? Does he not have feelings at all? She is a person with feelings just as he is--how would he feel? It must have really hurt my friend to hold on to the story for years and to not forget this man's hurtful words.

This man needs to understand that no one is superior. There are no races that are greater than others, men are not greater than women, heterosexuals are not greater than homosexuals. We are all individuals with feelings and emotions. Change needs to occur with education. Someone needs to properly educate this man and other individuals who are prejudice.

This course has been so resourceful--it has been so great to learn and share these types of stories with my classmates!!!


Ginny said...

It is interesting that you wrote about a car dealership mechanic. My blog this week is also related to this. Unlike yours mine was in regards to sex and age. I use to buy my tires from this particular company but they always tried to sell me something extra that was "supposedly" broke on my car. I never bought it I always asked my dad first. I was young and a girl so I felt I was being taken advantage of. I had a similar experience when purchasing a new car a couple of years ago. The discrimination your friend experienced could have been from her race but also because she was a woman. It could have even been her age. I think those in the automobile industry and mechanics should have a class like this prior to beginning their job.

Melanie Carridine said...

Rebekah, That is something that many of us women face, specially when they think that we are unlearned. I always go and get my oil changed and they always try and sell me extra product also.I am firm about what I need and if I don't need it then I will not purchase it no matter what they try and convience me of.91