Friday, June 29, 2012

Competent Communication

I'm in a new course at Walden University and this course is all about communication. I believe we all need help in this field--even the best of communicators.

My sister in law is a great example of someone who is a good communicator. She is honest, listens to others, acknowledges the feelings of others, includes her emotions in the conversation, offers constructive criticism and it is apparent she is tuned in to the other person. We have the best conversations and I enjoy communicating with her. Sometimes she communicates through beautifully written letters. Most importantly she advocates for young children who cannot stand up for themselves--regardless of the feelings she hurts or the anger it causes. She wants the best for all children! 

I would love to communicate as effectively as her. Sometimes I leave out all the information to avoid confrontation. Sometimes I leave out emotions because it is hard to share my emotions with others. I must admit, I can write a competent, communicative letter when needed-but I don't do that often enough. She is someone I look up to on many levels--but especially communication!


tmoruri said...
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tmoruri said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. This week we both choose sisters. I am the older sister and still I really admire my sister. She can be a very quiet person on rare occasions but the moment she opens her mouth she commands your attention.

Ginny said...

Well, as we learned in the last class sometimes we have to face confrontation to get a point across. That's what standing up for kids is all about. I you and all of us have come a long way in our growth as professionals in this field. I am not one to let my emotions enter into a conversation, I have just never been that kind of a person. This could be because I am not always listening. Over the last few years I have become a more active listener and I believe it as really helped me in my relationships. It is sometime my husband and I have really had to work on. I found out it is something that many couples work on and is a growing stage for them just as it is for us as professionals. I am excited about this class and look forward to reading your blog again.

Tammie said...

Hi Rebecca, I am very proud of you that you recognize someone so close to you as an admirere and a good communicator. I was always taught that it takes a good listener to be a good communicator. I also allow my emotions to be included in my conversations because I can relate to and undersand someone's point of view and feelings. I do not set out or intend to hurt other people's feelings, this is why I wait to hear them out and think before speaking. Thanks for such a lovely post.