Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Positive Influences/Passionate Quotes

 Positive Influences
This week we were asked to research two people who made a major influence in early childhood education. One person I decided to research was a man by the name of Edward Zigler. This was an easy pick because he is one of the founders of Head Start. I work for Head Start and I have a passion for Head Start--I believe it does make a difference. Here is a great quote by Edward Zigler--it's about parent involvement--this quote is going in my office!!
"The more involved parents are in the education of their children, the better the children's education and performance (Zigler, E., 2007)."
The second person I researched was Ann Turnbull, Ed.D. She is a distinguished professor of Special Education at the University of Kansas. She has a true passion for children with disabilities. I believe regardless of race, socioeconomic status or mental ability ALL children deserve the best education. ALL children should be treated the same. Here is a quote from a study she participated in :
"Encourage parent partnerships grounded in trust and open communication (Beach Center on Disability, 2011)."
Perkins-Gough, D., & Zigler, E. (2007). Giving Intervention a Head Start. Educational Leadership, Vol. 65 (2), pp. 8-14. Retrieved from http://web.ebscohost.com. (Accession Number 27575727).

The Beach Center on Disability (2011). Beach Resource Detail Page. Implementing inclusive early education: A call for professional empowerment. Retrieved July 22, 2011, from www.beachcenter.org.

Passionate Quotes
As our courses have progressed, we have learned of many early childhood educators that are very passionate about their work. Here are two quotes from two passionate educators that I found insightful!
"The passion to create a safer more just world for ALL children".  Louise Derman-Sparks, Professor Emeritus, Pacific Oak College, CA
"Everyday I go to work and look forward to it because I know the services I'm providing are to the benefit of ALL children".  Raymond Hernandez MS Ed, Executive Director, School of Early Childhood Education, University of Southern California



This is a good point to focus on. Whenever parents care for their child's development, children become more self-confident individuals. They see their parents as role models and they feel their involvement in their lives. This makes them feel comfortable, loved, cared, and special which results in success throughout their lives.

Clara LaPorte said...

"The more involved parents are in the education of their children, the better the children's education and performance (Zigler, E., 2007).

This statement rings true in my center. So many of the children are picked up by nannies or baby-sitters that the parents are not as involved in the early childhood education process of their child.
"Both parents and teachers believe the most
fundamental job for parents is to give their
children the basic upbringing and supervision
that make them ready to learn, including setting
limits, creating structure, and holding children
accountable for their behavior" (Lezotte and Pepperl, 2001). Retrieved July 22, 2011 from http://www.esc16.net/dept/isserv/title1swi/files/PIES%20Manual.pdf

Keisha Pittman said...

These are very good quotes. The quotes about the parents involvement are very good ones. A child doesnt only learn at school but at home too, so parent involvement is key to their success. Great quotes.