Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite Artwork (created by my daughter)

My daughter loves to draw and this is my favorite piece of artwork! My daughter drew this last year and it is a picture of our family--even our beloved pets (they are not named Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty but she is a princess at heart). She drew the most important people in her life happy (with balloons), holding hands and standing close to one another (hard to see but it's Daddy, Mommy, Daughter). She knows she is loved and this makes her very happy!


Devita said...

Hi, Its Devita Scott

I love your daughter's art work. I love art work when It shows family members.

nicole.kenworthy said...

What a great picture! I love when my 4 year old draws pictures of our family. He is very close to my mom and he always includes her in his drawings of our family and it makes me feel so good that he loves his grandma so much.

Keisha Pittman said...

I like to see pictures of families through the eyes of children. There viewpoint is always so innocent yet enlightening.