Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rebekah, the Communicator

This week, we were assigned the task of taking several self-report tests. We then had to get two other individuals to take the tests and answer the questions based on how they perceive us. I was on a family vacation so the two individuals I chose to answer the questions were family members. I was surprised at how well they knew me! My answers and their answers were very similar--our scores too. One test I took was a verbal aggressiveness scale. Going into the test, I assumed my verbal aggressiveness scale would be low or non-existent. I was wrong! Both myself and my family rated me as having moderate verbal aggressiveness. I guess I am more outspoken then I thought! What did not surprise me were the results I got for my listening style profile. I enjoy listening and talking to people. I have a hard time interrupting their thoughts--even if my time is limited. The listening style scale said I belong to Group 1 which is....people-oriented! This was a great test and after a nice summer (with several vacations) I start back to work tomorrow. I am going to share these scales with my co-workers! I want to see if they know me as well as my family knows me :).


tmoruri said...


I, too, was surprised by my verbal aggressiveness score. It was interesting but I think it was also because of the answer choices presented. We do belong to the same group as far our listening styles, I am curious to see how many of our classmates rated in this group and I wonder if it is a characteristic of educators, especially those involved in early childhood. I can't wait to share the tests with my co-workers!

Patricia Robinson said...

It is amazing how well our family knows us. Your perception of yourself as not being outspoken was different from what your family thought. Every once in a while, this inventory probably should be completed again- just to keep us aware of how others view us.

Ginny said...

I too was on a family vacation but with a family I use to babysit for and my husband. It was great until lose to coming home. My husband got very sick from something and so I must apologize for my late response. It was interesting because the lady who I was with is a professional family/relationship therapist. I was dying for her to evaluate me. To my surprise I thought my verbal was low and they scored me moderate. I thought that was pretty good. I also scored myself mild on communication and they scored me low. It was interesting to see how I perceived myself as opposed to how others perceived me. Thanks for sharing. I will also be returning to work at some point this week before returning full time next week. I am really enjoying learning about communication, which after knowing the lady I was on vacation with and talking with her about these things for so many years, I am a little surprised.
Thanks for sharing.