Friday, August 12, 2011

Code of Ethics that are most meaningful to me.....

I live and work in a small community. Because of this I wear many professional hats. Reading over DEC and NAEYC Code of Ethics, I have decided that three from each section are meaningful to me and I am sharing below....enjoy!

I. Professional Practice
Professional and Interpersonal Behavior
  • 4. We shall serve as advocates for children with disabilities and their families and for the professionals who serve them by supporting both policy and programmatic decisions that enhance the quality of their lives.
    • This speaks volumes to me as an Assistant Disabilities Coordinator and Family Service Coordinator. I am an advocate for all young children, especially those with disabilities.
III. Responsive Family Centered Practices
Responsive Family Centered Practices
  • 3. We shall respect, value, promote, and encourage the active participation of ALL families by engaging families in meaningful ways in the assessment and intervention processes.
    • At the Preschool center I work for, we make sure the family is involved in their child's educational progress or lack there of. If a teacher has developmental concerns, the parent is the first one to be contacted. All family members are personally invited to all educational meetings concerning their child. Families are involved, from the beginning, in our educational intervention procedures.
IV. Ethical and Evidence Based Practices
Evidence Based Practices
  • 1. We shall rely upon evidence based research and interventions to inform our practice with children and families in our care.
    • In our school system and Preschool program, we use an intervention system called Response to Intervention (RTI). I am currently the Preschools RTI Coordinator for my county
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Section II
Ethical Responsibilities to Families
  • I-2.2 To develop relationships of mutual trust and create partnerships with the families we serve.
    • During the summer, I meet with the new Preschool families. Together we develop a Family Partnership Agreement. They come up with goals they want to work on this summer and I supply appropriate trainings, materials and guidance. It's a great way to establish a trusting relationship with all families.
  • I-2.3 To welcome all family members and encourage them to participate in the program.
    • Our center has an open door policy, I will even call the parents to ask if they would like to volunteer! Our center has a very home like atmosphere and our families feel very comfortable with the entire staff.
Section III
Ethical Responsibilities to Community and Society
  • I-4.1 To provide community with high-quality early childhood care and education programs and services.
    • Our Preschool center is great! I send my child.....


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Clara LaPorte said...


You are very inspirational as well. You serve on different committees and work at the county level. It seems to me you are well on your way to achieving many great things in the field of early childhood education. You are a leader, advocate, and professional in working with young children and families.

keishapittman said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. One of the common key that I found was the issues regarding family. I feel so strongly about how important family is that I can imagine running a classroom without the involvement and participation of parents. I don't have mych experience myself yet, but I hope when I get the hang of it, that I can become as good as a leader as you are.